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Kazantip: Housing Tips & Hints

As you have already found out, hundreds of thousands people descend on Kazantip every August. And the 'capital' of the KaZantip Republic is a small farm-oriented village called Popovka (Rus. 'Поповка'). Don't believe us? Go ahead and open Google maps, type in 'Popovka, Ukraine' and enjoy the aerial view of 5-6 streets and surrounding fields. The point is, 100.000 people and the small village hardly populated by 500 people are kinda incompatible things, don't you think? That is why the housing question arises and it should be taken as seriously as the question of figuring out the way to get there.

Due to the fact that Popovka gets overpopulated once a year during KaZantip, smart locals built a few hotels to cater to the party goers and holiday makers visiting Popovka. However since Kazantip is the only interesting event happening there, the hospitality business gets very slow during the other 11 months of the year, after the Kazantip rush, that's why there are only small, usually family-run hotels with 15-20 rooms or fewer, so do not expect anything like Hilton or Marriot there. Depending on the hotel and room you choose, the price will vary from $50/night for a simple double room to $300/night for a luxury suite or cottage that can accommodate a total of 4-6 people. These prices are reasonable for the event like this, but you need to book well in advance since accommodation gets pretty tight over the Kazantip period.

Even if you own an oil company somewhere in Saudi Arabia and do not care about the price, bear in mind that there will be virtually no vacancies at all when you show up in Popovka in August. This concerns both: apartment rental offers from the local people and hotel rooms. So make sure you book your accommodation well in advance of your trip, otherwise you will have to stay in Evpatoriya, the closest 'big' city, and spend at least half an hour to get to Kazantip by bus or taxi. Why waste your precious vacation time waiting on buses?

In order to save on hotel costs, don't wait until the last minute to book a room. The prices always increase as the time gets closer to August. If you book too late, you run the risk of having all the reasonable priced accommodations fully booked and then you will have to pay more which may result in your bank account being exhausted or your wallet getting thinner. If you do not speak Russian or Ukrainian, your travel agent can reserve a room in a hotel on your behalf. For those who prefer to book direct, we've put together a list of accommodation near Kazantip where you can find some great deals from the best hotels and vacation rentals in Popovka, all within a walking distance from Kazantip.

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