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Crimea Hotels to be Star Rated

Crimea Hotels

As the 2014 season approaches, most of the Crimea hotels are expected to be star rated. This news was reported by Olga Burova, Deputy Minister for Resorts and Tourism in Crimea at the "round table" meeting dedicated to Crimea tourist opportunities in the 2014 season. According to her, transparency and simplicity should be the critical targets to be followed during the process of star rating. By now, only a few hotels in Simferopol and Yalta are star rated.

The procedure of star rating involves several stages. It starts with training seminars conducted in Crimea resorts that cover specific criteria for various categories of hotels. Then, each hotel should perform an internal audit to determine the category it may claim based on the criteria, and apply for this category. Finally, the designated commission will review the applications and perform the audit. In addition, a third party anonymous evaluation may be conducted by an independent international expert company.

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