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News of the Real Estate Market in Simferopol

Experts state that there is a steady demand for high quality residential property in all segments of the real estate market of Simferopol. It causes a shortage of apartments and houses for sale as well as forced up property prices, especially in the two room apartment sector. Apartments located in the upscale districts of Simferopol, with well developed infrastructure and all modern amenities have been in great demand. In the end of autumn the market activity remained at the moderate level despite the traditional trend: the real estate market share decreased along with the insignificant price increase by 1%.

By the end of December the average prices of pre-owned apartments in Simferopol amounted to (in US Dollars per square meter):

Houses Simferopol
  • for one room apartments: $1030,
  • two room apartments: $1046,
  • three room apartments: $857,
  • private houses: $1200.

However, the experts advise that the buyers should rather consider purchasing apartments at the new construction market, because unlike pre-owned flats, brand new apartments do not have any "negative history" and many developers allow interest-free payments by installments for the entire period of construction.

On the whole, the real estate market of Simferopol is influenced by the overall decline of business activity and adverse macro economical situation. The new legislative initiatives of the Ukrainian Government, such as cash payments limitations have also had their negative impact.

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