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Street Vendors

Street Vendors are "everywhere" within The Crimea, and it is great fun trying to visit each and every one of them. Street Vendors will sell everything from "soup to nuts" and some of the most beautiful flowers on Earth, and they will even sell freshly killed hog.

One day while traveling on the Mini-Bus, I glanced out of the window to see a man selling a whole hog from the hood and trunk of his car. The weigh scale was set on the ground and the head of the hog and other various parts were displayed upon the top of the hood. The remainder of the hog was located in the trunk of his car. His prices must have been very good, because he was weighing a purchase while 3 more ladies waited their turn.

Xenia, my beautiful and brilliant interpreter and "Honor Student" at The University advised me to "never" buy any kind of meat from a Street Vendor. I politely informed her that I had been buying food from Street Vendors ever since I was 17 years-old and walked the streets and byways of Japan. Never did I get sick!

Well, one day I purchased some meat items wrapped in a flaky pastry for a Street Vendor, while Xenia was right beside me. She gave me a scolding look, which I dismissed with a confident smile. From now on I will "always" listen to my Xenia, because I was ill for three days with food poisoning.

Always "haggle" with a Street Vendor, because it will make both of you feel good! You will feel good, because you will think you have received the lowest price, and the Street Vendor will feel good, because they have "overcharged" a Foreigner again.

I thought they "only" overcharged Americans, because they think "all" Americans are Millionaires, however they will automatically take great delight in overcharging "all" Foreigners. Have fun visiting the Street Vendors, and don't forget to "haggle."

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